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73726 Alessandro Drive Suite 104 Palm Desert, CA
(760) 636-5928

Pro Code Works, Inc.Distilling design and software.


ServicesWell-versed and highly experienced.


Staff and ExpertiseYour partners in software.




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Pro Code Works, Inc.Distilling design and software.

Pro Code Works is a professional software solutions company specializing in custom-designed software, firmware, device drivers, embedded apps, and web interfaces. Since its founding in 2007, the PCW engineering staff has successfully contributed to a variety of projects, exceeding customer expectations and providing unsurpassed customer support.

From high-speed data collection and custom PCI Express device drivers to high-voltage solar inverters and commercial-grade power measurement and remote telemetry, the Pro Code Works clientele represents a broad slice of the industry. As more manufacturers embrace smart technology, cloud-services, remote telemetry, and the implementation of concepts from the IoT ecosystem, PCW is perfectly positioned to assist organizations in meeting time, feature, and cost targets - without the need to hire, train, and develop in-house talent, keeping the expertise and confidentiality here in the U.S.

When choosing Pro Code Works, clients will see fast project turn-around time, regular status reports, a fully-integrated bug tracking system, and on-demand access to the knowledge and skills of the engineering team through each step of the development cycle. Every client is protected by Nondisclosure Agreement.

With over 50 years of collective industry experience, the team at Pro Code Works is highly-experienced and well-versed in a variety of programming languages, operating systems, device interfaces & protocols, and web applications. Pro Code Works also offers technical documentation services.

We are a veteran-owned, California-based company with an extensive background and wide array of skillsets. We have experience working with DoD contractors as well as private-sector partners and companies around the globe. We’ve also recently started hosting regular webinars for some of our technologies to assist developers.

ServicesWell-versed and highly experienced.

Pro Code Work, Inc. is well-versed and highly experienced with...

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows (Server, Embedded, Phone 10, Desktop Versions)
Linux(SlackWare, Yocto, Debian (and Derivatives) Fedora (and Derivatives), OpenWRT, L4T, BSD
MS-DOS & Clones
OS X Yosemite and El Capitain
IxWorks (and VxWorks Derivatives)
Nucleus Plus
Various Proprietary / In-House RTOS
PCW has also created complex state machines to suit a diverse spectrum of hardware solutions.

Programming APIs

Win32, Windows Driver Model, and Windows Driver Framework
Apple IOKit
NDIS 6.x, 5.x, 4, 3, 2
Linux Kernel
TCP Sockets
Various PC BIOS

Network Protocols

802.3 & 802.11 A/B/G/N
Proprietary Serial Over Ethernet
Bluetooth Low Energy & Bluetooth Smart (4.0 & 4.1)
Proprietary Optical Networks

Device Interfaces

PCI Express (PCIe), PCI-X, and PCI
Intelliprop SATA Core
USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1
Thunderbolt 2


C, System C, Objective C
C# (Mono and Visual Studio / .NET 2005-Current)
Assembler (x86, ARM, z80, 68xx, PIC, AVR)
JS, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP


Desktop PC (Windows, Linux, Apple, Chromium)
Kontron M2M
Intel PMA
Specialized Embedded Systems
IoT Platforms
Vantron M2M
Intel NUC & ComputeStick
Windows Phone 8.1 & 10
Advan Tech
Xilinx MicroBlaze
Microcontrollers (Atmel AVR, Arduino, PIC, etc.)
SBCs and OpenSBCs (BeagleBoneBlack, Raspberry Pi, NVidia TK1, GateWorks Ventana)


Staff and ExpertiseYour partners in software.

Nelson Yaple
Senior Software Developer

Nelson has over 35 years of computer and software industry experience. Prior to founding Pro Code Works in 2007, Nelson was with MathStar, Inc a startup in Hillsboro, Oregon. Prior to MathStar, Nelson was a Principal Engineer and Partner at TriplePoint. Prior to TriplePoint, Nelson was at Intel for over 13 years in positions ranging from Sr. Software Engineer, Software Architect, Research Software Engineer, Software Engineering Manager, Director of Software Engineering , Director of Engineering and Principal Engineer. Nelson holds 9 patents and has others pending approval.



Brian Yaple
Software Developer

Brian started his engineering career as a SW Quality Assurance technician at MathStar, but quickly became a Junior Hardware Validation Engineer after keeping the EAS's and MAS's bedside and studying thoroughly. His work and academic experiences have taken him around the globe, as a combat medic in Afghanistan, a Brigade Medical Advisor for a Ballistic Missile Defense Unit in Qatar, and a student Ambassador to Australia. In addition to embedded PCs and driver development, Brian has experience with Daz3D Studio, Blender, and other 3D Modeling Programs for design as well as SketchUp and 3D printing for prototyping. A lifelong student, he holds a bachelor of science from American Public University and regularly takes courses through Udacity.



Max Chehab
Junior Software Developer

Max came to Pro Code Works as an intern and showed his passion for software immediately. He is a graduate of the Pro Code Works internship program and continues as a Junior Engineer. Max has many notable achievements including becoming an Oregon Mock Trial finalist and taking 2nd place in the Oregon Game Project Challenge. When Max is not learning about software design, he teaches a Computer Science class at a local middle school.



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Contact UsFor information or inquiries.